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From Mother Earth to Palette: A Tempera Paint Workshop    


Based on Çatalhöyük, Göbeklitepe or Osman Hamdi  motifs


The Tempera Paint Workshop is a journey where the production technologies of paint as cultural heritage intersect with chemistry and visual arts. In this journey, we first learn about the history of paint production through a colorful tale. Then, we select and draw images from the famous wall paintings of Çatalhöyük, the figures on the Göbeklitepe megaliths or images from Osman Hamdi paintings. We color these patterns with the paint we produce using natural materials, just like ancient people did. At the end of the "From Mother Earth to Palette: a Tempera Paint Workshop," where you will find answers to questions like "How did pigments become paint? What is the history of paint production technologies?" and "How did ancient people make paint?" children produce paint in five different color tones and become acquainted with concepts such as the human-nature relationship, sustainability, consumer society, and paint conservation.


4D Learning Model: Emotion-Focused-Experiential-Sensory-Interdisciplinary

Age Group:

7-12 (Adjustable for different ages)


90 minutes

For more detailed information and planning:

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