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The Story of Studio Cultia


The best way to start telling this story is to talk about the meaning of its name.

"Cultia" is derived from the Sumerian word "Ultia," meaning a state of being good and happy, combined with the word "culture." According to our emotion-focused learning approach, a child's state of being happy and content is the most important prerequisite for learning. A child can only become curious and develop a love for learning in environments where they feel happy and safe. If a child is curious, they are already prepared to learn effectively.

As for the cultural dimension of the matter, Studio Cultia's raison d'être is to contribute to the construction of societies that value cultural heritage. Since our perspective and path are universal, we decided to blend the English word for "culture" with the Sumerian word "Ultia," giving rise to the name Studio Cultia.

Today, Studio Cultia is an institution that gamifies this field by looking at it through the eyes of children, allowing them to form lasting connections with cultural heritage. As the umbrella brand of İdil Bilgin Consultancy on Education and Culture, this initiative meets children through fun workshops and educational programs. Our content is academically based and authentic, stemming from the founder İdil Bilgin's master's thesis in Museum Studies. For more information about İdil Bilgin, click here.

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