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Cultural Heritage Detectives at Work: a Play-based Conservation Workshop


Why is our cultural heritage valuable? Can artworks get "sick" like we do? Do they also have "doctors"? How can we protect our cultural heritage? In the Cultural Heritage Detectives at Work workshop, we seek answers to these questions through gamification with children. With its interdisciplinary structure, this workshop introduces the profession of "conservation" to children through a colorful and playful approach. Throughout the workshop, we engage in digital games and word games, observation, experiments, creative drama and occasionally trace clues with the "magical" light used by conservators. 


4D Learning Model: Emotion-Focused-Experiential-Sensory-Interdisciplinary.

Age Group:

7-13 (adjustable for different ages)


Various options ranging from 60 to 180 minutes are available.

For more detailed information and planning:

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