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A Day at Çatalhöyük: a Tale-Based Diorama Workshop


If we were to take a journey back in time to approximately 10,000 years ago, where would we find ourselves in the midst of daily life? What kind of houses, clothing, and food would we encounter? Would concepts like play, entertainment, and art be a part of this journey? In the first part of the workshop, we embark on a journey into the past through the cracks of a wall painting in Çatalhöyük, "falling" into a time tunnel, searching for answers through an interactive story written by İdil Bilgin (A Day at Çatalhöyük). In the second part of the workshop, we bring to life all that we have learned through dioramas to depict and stage everyday life in the Neolithic Age. Through this fun visual arts activity using simple materials found in every household, we establish a connection with the past, acquire new knowledge about human history, and get to know the important field of conservation, one of the key processes in archaeology.


4D Learning Model: Emotion-Focused-Experiential-Sensory-Interdisciplinary

Age Group:

7-12 (Adjustable for different ages)


2 hours

For more detailed information and planning:

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